We work with communities for change.
We are committed to promoting healthy eating and exercise to improve mental and physical health that respects cultural traditions.

The EatFit Project is a program to enhance the overall nutritional, physical and mental health of all Canadians. Our goal is to empower individuals through a ‘train the trainer’ approach and provide ongoing support to enable their skills to continue to develop. We look for HEROES who will take the lead and change the physical and mental health of the community one recipe / activity at a time. THEY are the cross- generational tools of change.


 ~ Robert Urich ~

Our team consists of teachers, students, chefs, yoga instructors, fitness and health professionals all of who are passionate about the physical and mental well being of all children. We work with community leaders to bring the best professionals to meet the needs of each community. They tell us what they want to accomplish and we help them reach that goal.

How to Bring the EatFit Project to Your Community

To bring the EatFit Project to a community we require only the following:
  • Return transportation to community
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Space for activity
  • Activity Costs – ie: food, translation, copying

Members of the EatFit Project Team are professionals in their chosen field. All are volunteers eager to share their expertise to improve the overall health of all children.

The EatFit Project works closely with the Avon Matiland District School Board, the Canadian Chefs Congress, Governor General’s Chef Louis Charest and NHL Stanley Cup Champion Greg de Vries.

Some of the communities the EatFit Project has visited include:
  • Cape Dorset, NU (6x)
  • Pangnrirtung, NU (2x)
  • Kasabonika First Nation, ON (2x)
  • Webequi First Nation, ON (2x)
  • Cambridge Bay, NU

The EatFit Project would not be possible without our Supporters . . .

Avon Maitland District School Board
Canadian Heritage
Canadian North
Nunavut Food Security Coalition
Health Canada

EatFit Project Team Leaders

Paul Finkelstein

Paul Finkelstein M.S.M. – Cooking Skills / Nutrition

Paul is a culinary arts teacher at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School in Stratford, Ontario. He is known nationally as a leading advocate for healthy food in schools and is host of Fink on Food Network Canada. Paul has been recognized for his nutrition work with the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Medal, both the Ontario Premiere’s and Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Lisa Stacey

Lisa Stacey – Wellness

Lisa is a certified yoga and meditation instructor with 13 years teaching experience. Lisa has been a part of the EatFit Project for three years, travelling to isolated communities to teach First Nations and Inuit children yoga and meditation techniques. She teaches yoga and meditation at primary and elementary schools on a weekly basis, also specializing in working with adolescents suffering from depression, high anxiety levels, and specific medical conditions. Lisa is the Manager of a Cancer support centre, who also teaches meditation and yoga techniques to those living with cancer.

Johnny Issaluk - Arctic Ambassador

Johnny Issaluk – Arctic Ambassador

Johnny is a keen volunteer and youth mentor; teaching Arctic games and traditional activities and arctic sports. He works with various organizations that address mental health, suicide prevention and healing through counseling and traditional activities.

Johnny is from the small Arctic hamlet Igluligaarjuk. He grew up traditionally, out on the land, hunting, fishing and camping with his elders, as Inuit have for centuries.

As an athlete Johnny has been practicing, competing, performing, coaching and teaching Inuit Games for more than 20 years. Johnny is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Johnny’s other love is acting. He recently completed a season at the Stratford Festival Theatre.

Greg de Vries – Fitness

Greg de Vries – Fitness

Greg is a former NHL player and Stanley Cup Champion. He is currently the owner of CrossFit Stratford where he shares his fitness skills and passion for healthy living. Greg’s first visit to the north with EatFit was this past spring where put on his skates and ran practices for the youth hockey teams. Greg is firm believer in Fitness as a Tool for Change and is eager to support growth and self-confidence building in children.

Will Iola Rowsell  - Youth Ambassador, Mentor and Translator

Will Iola Rowsell – Youth Ambassador, Mentor and Translator

While growing up in Cape Dorset, Nunavut , Will was an active participant in the EatFit Project activities. Now attending post-secondary studies in the south, Will has joined the EatFit Project Team as a mentor and translator on visits to Pangnirtung and Cape Dorset, Nunavut as well as Kasabonika First Nation, Ontario. Will provides the team with invaluable insight on growing up in the north.

Erin Weiss Trainor – Fitness / Nutrition

Erin Weiss Trainor – Fitness / Nutrition

As part of the Precision Nutrition leadership team, Erin has worked in almost every role at the company, including coaching and curriculum development — a background that helps Erin lead complex projects, foster collaboration, and nurture the love of healthy eating and exercise. Erin has a Masters in Kinesiology, has held positions at top health institutions including Sunnybrook Hospital and Johns Hopkins, and is a Level 2 and CrossFit Kids certified coach at CrossFit Stratford. Erin is committed to a common belief: That everyone deserves health and fitness in their lives.

Wendy Flecker - Maternal and Infant Health

Wendy Flecker – Maternal and Infant Health

For the past 25 years Wendy has worked with and supported marginalized young families.
Her role involves pre and postnatal education with a focus on nutrition.
She has worked in diverse communities throughout South East Asia and Central America.
Wendy is a certified Childbirth Educator, Doula and Infant Massage Instructor.